Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Marking theTrail East

Evertime I ride past a sign like this I wonder what the story is behind the name.

Same with this one . There are thousands out here.

It happened again today. About 20 miles into the ride along Rt. 12 I stopped to take a leak by a road side ditch. As I got off the bike I noticed a banana peel laying beside the road. It was the first banana peel I have seen for 50 miles. Then as I was doing my business in the ditch I saw what initially appeared to be a dead animal half submerged in the water. As I looked closer I realized it was a stuffed animal, a kinda fat chuncky horse.
I knew right then that this was another of those moments when what happened on this spot needed to be noted for future travelers passing this way. This previously unnamed ditch was meant to join the ranks of places like Fur Ball Grove and Beaver Tail Trail.
Using that purple magic marker (again) I did what other explorers have done so many times before me.

This is an agriculture area near Wet Horsey Banana Peel Ditch. It is an good example of contour farming.
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  2. Wet Horsey Banana Peel Ditch.

    What's wrong with you? Hahaha! Love it!