Friday, June 26, 2009

Great Falls 3

Lewis and Clark had to portage around the great falls/rapids and it must have been brutal. This display really brought home the amount of tough sledding the team had.

I leaqrned for the first time there was actual bloodshed along the way during an encounter with local Indians. Also read about a hunting accident where Lewis was shot in the buttocks by one of his crew and had to be transported in the boat laying face down for several days. The interesting thing is that there was only 2 guys in the hunting party and the other guy would never admit that he shot Lewis.

This was impressive. It is a full sized buffalo hide depicting a battle between to indian tribes. What it shows is 24 different confrontations between 2 individual combatents. The artist must have interviewed all the participants and what happened in their personal fights and then memorialized it on skin.
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