Saturday, June 20, 2009

Even more Darby Mt.

This is my cabin at the Travelers Rest Motel in Darby. Through a misunderstanding (totally on my part) on what town it was in and my being so absorbed in the scenery I rode ride past the motel and would probably have ridden to Wyoming looking for it until Mary the proprietor called me on cell asking where I was because I was over due and she was concerned. This is customer service at its best. This is a wonderful place to stay --very nice rooms.,+darby+mt&fb=1&split=1&gl=us&view=text&latlng=12850031801973075937

Downtown Darby in the morning. Like a lot of Montana towns there are a lot more bars/saloons than churches--maybe a 6-1 ratio which may be way low. In our part of Ohio it is more like 1-3 churches to bars.
One explanation is that in the West the bar serves as the social center of the community. It is where folks go to meet, greet and find out the happs in the area.

More interesting use of horse shoes. This should be on The Price Is Right--what would you guess it sells for?
(see below for actual price)

Now I do not always drink coffee , but when I do I drink Mountain Thunder.


Cost of horseshoe ram = $3995.00
With wife approval I will have it shipped home to sit next to the totem pole I am having made. Our yard will be the coolest in 3 counties.
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