Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fort Benton Summer Celebration 3

The Longhorn athletic teams travel first class all over the state.

AQbout 100 yards from where my tent was a fireworks stand on the highway. These guys were really working it.

This is the potluck dinner in the park . What a community event. That couple sitting at the near right table is Gill and Francis, retired military pilots, and RV owners. Part of this deal is the pie judging contest and it is a big deal. There were a bunch of age group catagories for both male and female entrants. Also, there were severl catagories--best cream pie, berry pie etc etc. The big blue ribbon of the night went to Ben Roy Albers who "Best of Show" for his triple coconut cream creation.
Afterwards they have a professional auctioneer auction off these pies as a fund raiser. There were a lot of $100 pies walking around that park--some went for a lot more.

Lot of good conversation during this get together. It seems that hardly anyone trusts government of any kind much anymore. Also, something I suspected was confirmed last night and that is "if you are not a farmer/rancher, logger or miner" you are no good and a crook." Since I am a farmer from Ohio I am a brother .
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