Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Historical Musem Stuff

Sorry about the flash on the info sign. I have to learn to use it better. This talked about the atype and amount of food the Lewis and Clark folks had to eat when they got to the point of depending on the local Indians for food. This seems like a healthy enough diet but I did not see any mustard listed so personally that would make this basic fish/corn a little less appealing for me.

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  1. Has anyone placed a bid on your post trip mustard bottle. If Justin (recently deposed most intersting rocker) has not called dibs I would like to claim it. It should be well seasoned by that point. Have you stopped in any fields for arrow head walks. Also I understand you can also stop in privatley owned mining places out there and go looking for gem stones. In some cases high dollar items are found and then purchased. Looked like fun.