Friday, June 19, 2009

More Conner Mt. stuff

This ia a scene about a mile from Lightfoot Cycles. The roadside pic does not come close to doing it justice.

This is the bear I met today. At first I was afraid but this one seemed to be ignoring me so I snuck closer and got this pick. Actually he was doing his business "in the woods" which answersn that age old question. I guess that is why he has that look on his face while he just sat there doing his thing.

This is the Conner family , Dad Ryan, Mom Robin, Reese, Rider and Riley--and like a lot of my pics those kids are cuter in person than they appear in pic.
Ryan and Robin own/operate R&R Aviation which is who Ben the helicopter pilot works for.

If you think you have heard of R&R Aviation then you must be watching the TV show AXMEN about logging operations in the Northwest. R&R is the helicopter company featured on the show when logs needed to be moved from hard to get at places. This is a big deal so look for them in coming seasons. heck these folks we are talking clebs here and this poor pilgrim from Ohio got to meet them. cool website

We had a great time/conversation together and even had dinner where the kids were the entertainment. Lot of fun and the food was super. I had the buffalo ribeye --good stuff.

In a few years all these kids will be helicopter pilots so the company name will be changed tp R&R&R&R&R Aviation.

This is the place to go for good dead buffalo. Here we have Reese and Rider doing there thing --they turned into sprinters when they saw me taking this pic--they are very fast.

A day of firsts yesterday.
First switching of bike in the middle of a ride.
First helicopter ride.
First Buffalo meat
First encounter witha bear.

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