Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More on the road from to Darby Mt.

These are 2 more real bikers Jackson and Heather from New Zealand biking the Transcontinental route, very nice people and very knowledgeable bikers.. I love to hear them talk , sort of a mix of British and Austrailian but with a distinct accent.
BTW Heather is a fox or whatever animal correlates with a fox in New Zealand.

This is Big Dave from California also doing the Transcon route. Also a very nice young man--watched him stop to help an older lady biker on the bike path who was having a tire problem.

When I saw this sign I just had to ride up the half mile drive and find out what this was all about. It is a sort of taxidermy process that uses a kind of beetle to clean up the skull and bones of an animal. The guy was not in but I learned enough to want to google it and found this
I suggest you all check this process out --I found it fascinating.

I was really tempted to enter this but just can not alter ride schedule that much. As I rode further in the area I could see that this is timber country and saw a bunch of guys working or driving pickup trucks with the sleeves ripped off their shirts. Most had beards and could win a Dinty Moore look a like contest. Somebody is gonna get hurt in this competition.

I am meeting more real bikers and the more I see the more I envy these lean mean bodied ppeople. The tight stretch spanden clothes fit them like a glove --something that will never happen to me. It is tough when you are a fluffy brick with a whipsaw sinewy 150 pound body trapped inside crying to get out--actually there is room for 2 whipsaw sinewy 150 pound bodies to be trapped in there crying to get out.
I hope these real bikers appreciate what they have .
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