Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Waitsburg

This pic is for the lovely librarians at Worch Memorial Library in Versailles Ohio. Before I left I was asked by the staff to take/send back pics of all the libraries I saw along the way, and I promised I would do so. To date I have forgotten to do so in every town but remembered in Waitsburg mainly because there was a bench in front that I could prop the bike on.
So Pat, Barb, Deb, Betty and Elaine this is or you and hopefully there will be some more.

If any of you readers want to understand the true meaning of the phrase "you can find it at the library" stop by Worch Memorial . I guarantee you will walk out feeling smarter than when you walked in because of the superior customer service these ladies provide.
Betty, aka Miss Betty , will be written about in the future when I describe the type of bike and equipment I am using on this trip. MB is a seamstress extaordinaire specializing in sewing velcro on stuff so it can be attached to the bike.
btw --check out the windows of this library. If you can zoom in you will see that those are all actual books filling up the space. Apparently these are ones that do not get read a lot because it looks like thay all been there awhile. As I think about maybe they have not been checked out because all the titles face the street and folks can not tell what the book is from the inside, but that is just pure speculation on my part.
Maybe when I send Bill Thompson his pic I will ask him about the books. Bill made me promise to send his pic to P.O. box 185 in Waitsburg--he is sure he will get it because a few years ago somebody in Spokane sent a pic of him to Waitsburg post office with no writing on it and it got put in his box.

This is Shelly a very nice lady who has lived in Waitsburg all her life and thinks it is a great place. She is holding Abby (on left) and Snowey .

This is another one of those sign sequences you just do not see in a lot of places. I saw this as I was leaving Waitsburg, unfortunately the brewery was closed when I stopped in because I wanted to ask about why the "caution" sign.

There is a nice Lewis and Clark park near Waitsburg with a lot of info about their trip. The more I read the more I understand that these guys ate about anything to stay alive as they moved thru the area. It was not all salmon , elk steaks and fresh fruit every night.
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