Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fort Benton Summer Festival 7

The annual duck race is part of the festivities. It is sorta like the Friends of Hole Field duck race in Swamp Creek in Versailles. Just think what Louie Kramer and the Creekside crew could do with a duck race if they had the Missouri River running thru town.

This is stuff you don't see in Ohio very much. At least I do not see it very much.

I have been telling the real story about Jeremiah Johnson of Wyoming fame , at least as I heard it when I was there. I was walking down a hall way looking for a resrroom in the Grand Union Hotel and came across this painting of "Liver Eatin Johnston" hanging on the wall. This was a big moment for me because it provided some sort of validation for what I have been repeating, except there is a difference in the spelling of last name on painting, maybe there were 2 of these guys.

Great fireworks display from the footbridge across the Missouri, actually with the setting and all it was probably the best fireworks I have ever seen. Just a little bit better than sitting in Ned Hemmelgarn's boat in Grand Lake St. Mary's watching thier fireworks during Lake Festival.
What made the FB deal good was that I sat on a bench beside the riverwalk pathway for 4 hours beforehand and chatted with Arthur Bennett's family members, 2 of which came all the way from Franklin Indiana for the Festival . With the river running peacefully by and all the folks strolling by and great conversation it was a very relaxing and the time went by so fast I lost track of it until the first boom.

Well it is early Sunday morning and I am finally ready to get back on the road again after this pleasantly unexpected stay over in FB. As soon as the carryout opens and I can get some ice I am peddling down the road to Havre. Looking forward to seeing what is there but it does not get much better than my time in Fort Benton.
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