Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sight seeing in Washington.

Pic taken by Sassy on Interstate 5 while traveling 75 mph.

Sassy and Stacy, one of Washington state's expert horticulturists and all around good person.

The EGG amd me(I am on the left). Being from Versailles Ohio the undisputed "Poultry and Egg Capitol of the World" we had to stop in Winlock Wa. and check this out. If nothing else this answers the eternal question of "Which came first......" because there is no chicken big enough to lay an egg this big.
There was a lot of local talk about Winlock's "Egg Days" but I doubt t5hey come close to the annual Versailles Poultry Days.

We did happen to run into a Bigfoot near Mt St. Helens and like all Bigfoots he was real shy about getting his picture taken. We gave him some fig bars and he agreed to letting me snap a shot of his foot, and it is really big, as evidenced by the Lawrence Welk CD used as a size perspective.

Good day driving around Washington. So much to see. The highlite was checking out Mount St. Helens. I have always been fascinated by what happened here 30 years ago and have read many articles and viewed several documentaries on the subject. Nothing prepares you for what really happened here --you have to see to appreciate--it is unforgettable.

Bike still in repair shop, hopefullyit will be done sometime today. Getting anxious to get it on the road.
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