Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Butte to Helena 3

Storm on the way. Although I have been rained on 4-5 times during the trip they were usually short warm showers and I just kept riding until I dried out when the sun showed up again. No big deal.
The last couple of days have been different in that the moisture intensity could be described as "goose drowners" as they say in Frenchtown when it rains intense , this is often used in conjuction with the phrase "like a cow pissing on a flat rock". Anyway it was really coming down. The other element is that this is cold rain, with some hail mixed in. I carry a cheap thermometer and the temp never got above 48 degrees for the first 60 miles.
When I saw it coming I got out the gortex and was much better prepared than yesterday. It is not so bad when you can stay dry even if it cold because you are generating a lot of body heat while peddling.

This is a self photo right after going thru a rain shower. I take off the helmet and wear a hat (this one a gift from R&R Aviation in Darby Mt) so the bill serves as a sort of overhang to keep some rain out of eyes. It is tough to wear glasses in the rain because they get all dropped up. The red handkerchief was my dad's and given to me by my sister before I left. I wear it all the time to keep sweat out of eyes and when it is raining it keeps my forehead warm.

Sunset over Helena. There is a lot of that sort of scene out here.

This is Heather and Sinjun two pigrims on the highway of life. They were hitching a ride with their dogs right outside of Butte. Some time later a vehicle passed that honked its horn several times. I think they were passengers.
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