Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pomeroy Wa.

Yesterday afternoon I was about a mile outside of Pomeroy and very ready to stop for the day. Suddenly I hear a double toot of a horn from a car I did not hear come up behind me. It startled me and I was kinda ticked when this 1978 yellow Caddy(that I learned later has 55,000 miles on it and gets 25 mpg) passes me going about 10 miles an hour faster than me, that is why I did not hear him sneaking up behind me. The guy waved big as he went by.

This morning I stop at Donna's Drive In for breakfast and the Caddy pulls up at the same time. I mentioned to the driver that he had scared me with the horn toot and he said he does that to all bikers to make them aware he is around.
Anyway we started talking and he tells me he is a long time resident and retired owner of a leather repair shop. He said about 15 years ago a lady biker riding from Seattle to New York stopped by and asked him to do something for her bike seat which was too narrow and uncomfortable. He did not want to mess with it so he gave her a piece of sheepskin, a scissors and some glue and told her to do it herself. The lady fixed her seat and made it to NY--he got an Xmas card from her telling him she sold the bike and flew back to Seattle.

We kept talking in Donnas and he tells me about his son who sculpted a statue in front of the local courthouse. I told him I wanted to see what it looked like. It turns out his son is Randy Bowen a world famous sculpture who has done work for anybody who is anybody. I had kinda heard of Randy from somewhere and when I googled his name today I saw what a stud he is. This guy is an institution. Check him out on line --it is worth see what kind of talent he has.
Somebody in the restaurant even told me that Randy now gets $20 for his autugraph.
Thank you Mr. Bowen it was a pleasure meeting you even if you wait until you are too close to bikers when you blow your horn.

This is the statue in front of the courthouse produced by Randy Bowen. Even though my expertise in the field is rather limited in my humble opinion I can say this is a very well done piece of work. Mr. Bowen told me on the side that the city got a good deal on the satue since Randy is a home town boy.

The county courthouse in Pomeroy. This pic does not do the gardening around it justice. The gardener is a very nice lady who was working on the rose bushes when I was there but declined to get in photo.

If you want an hell of a breakfast with lots of meat and potatoes and eggs etc etc ( are y6ou listening Lou Fischer?)this is the place. The waitress and the food was great as were all the folks in there, very friendly, this could have been the Sweet Shop or Sideliners in Versailles . Donna herself even stopped by and said hello, she reminds me of Dorie Baltes of Baltes Restaurant fame in Frenchtown Ohio. These type of women know how to run an eating establishment.
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