Sunday, June 21, 2009

Even more pics -Wisdom-Butte

It is fishing season in Montana . From what I understand on this side of the rockies wheren there are no salmon the trout is king.
There is a guy in this pic who had just hauled in what seemed from a distance to be a big one.

I did not notice the guy in the middle of photo until well after I took this pic. It was meant to be a scene of guys fishing. Not sure what that guy is doing. There is a picnic table on the left of pic and I had stopped at this place to have my father's day lunch which consisted of a can of spam, 2 bagels, some fig bars and Gatoraide--touched off with some Gulden's spicy brown mustard, one of life's necessities which put some life into that spam/bagel. I always travel with mustard, otherwise I feel like an uncivilized savage. How did Lewis and Clark live w/o mustard.

This was wierd. In the middle of nowhere on an out of the way scenic route, this pops up beside the road. The thing that is crazy is that I just know I have seen this same fire engine before somewhere. Maybe I went past it in Kentucky sometime in the past. That is where it says it is from. There has to be an interesting story about how it got here. Maybe this is connected to all those wheel barrows full of rocks in some way. They were only 50 miles apart which is like next door in this area.
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