Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Missoula Mt.

I am not sure what this is supposed to be but I saw it right after discovering the bike frame problem and it sort of provided a rating for the thoughts going thru my mind right then. It is fortunate there were no psychic mind readers near by or I would probably have been arrested.

Another interesting creative use of horseshoes . This was a big piece of work and a lot of shoes went into its making.

I saw my first prarie dog . This one was barking, or whatever kind of noise they make, at me as I walked around the edge of town. There was a whole bunch of them living in the middle of a bunch of busineses. I heard somewhere these crutters are protected in that you can not randomly shoot for sport--will check on that.

A view of Missoula from a ridge about the city. Once again the pic does not do the actual scene justice.

The extra unplanned day spent in Missoula turned out to be terrific because I met so many good interesting folks and really got see more of the city. As soon as I get done with posts this morning it is on the rod to Conner Mt. about 75 miles away--looking forward to rolling again.
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  1. That buffalo! Thats what I want to do with all of grampa's old tools. Not a buffalo, but maybe the name Baltes...or Fritz. thinking....