Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The road from Missoula to Darby Mt.

Road treasure--the jackpot. My purple magic marker will not last forever so coming across this was great. Now I have backup and also a wider selection of marking devices to work with. This could expand my pallet as I travel on.

I am now in the Bitterroot Valley and this will provide an idea of what it consists of. The Bitterroot mountains are big and many are snow covered--spectacular.

L/K were dealing with different Indian tribes in this area.

A raod biker's dream. This is a bike path that runs along highway 93 for 25 miles or so. It is like being on vacation when you do not have to ride the berm .

A pretty good ride of 75 miles todaqy counting side trips. Bike is feeling great. Made it to Conner which turned out to be a liquor store and a small grocery instead of the town with cabins/rooms for the night. Had to backtrack a few miles but no real problem, scenery was so good it was no problem seeing it twice.
Ended up staying in Darby in a very nice little cabin that I will take a pic of tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be visiting the Lightfoot bike builders. Found them on the internet and like the cut of their jib so I want to see what they do. May end up getting them to make something for me someday.
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