Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Obligatory Libray pics

In my efforts to take pics of the libraries in the various towns I pass thru in order to keep a promise (that I rashly made w/o considering the consequences) to those super Worch Memorial Librarians back in Versailles I have come across some pretty good ones. Not every town has one. When I was in Wisdom (North star with 3 more bars , a trading post and a gift shop) I asked the lady at the trading post where the town library was and she pointed to a rack of used paperbacks and said if you want a book to read , take one of those , there is no charge. She said that folks drop books off and then take some, this has been going on for years.
I selected what looked like a racy adventure mystery historical fiction love story one and carry it with me for those times when I get bored and am looking for something to pass the time, which has not happened yet. I will probably lug that sucker across 10 more states without opening it , but it is insurance.
Yesterday I made a big effort to locate and photograph the library here in Helena but despite riding all over town could not find it. So, I am assuming that they do not have one in this city thus no pic. Hopefully I will have better luck at next stop.
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