Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Helena to Great Falls 4

This is a bridge where a big scene in a very big 1987 movie starring Robert DiNero, Sean Connery and Kevin Cosner was shot. It is near Hardy Mt. There is a big prize for anyone who immediately recognizes it and can name the movie.

The movie Bridge.

Rosie's a pretty famous landmark in the area. It is withing sight of the movie bridge.

Me and my shadow rolling down the highway.


Ok , I know nobody got the bridge thing so here is the scoop (provided by my man Phil ). The movie was The Untouchables and this is the bridge where there was a huge shootout between Elliot Ness and company and the bootleggers, several people were plugged and presumably killed on that bridge. . There was some Canadian Mounties involved as well because in the movie this bridge is portrayed as being between Canada and the USA. I looked for bloodstains on the bridge and saw a couple of spots that may have been made by somebody bleeding.

I found this on the internet and it mentions the Hardy Bridge towards the bottom as a location for scenes from the movie.

Once again I have come amazingly close to celebreties. If I had made this ride about 23 years agoI would have had the opportunity to meet all those stars on location including that dude who starred in Honey I Shrunk The Kids and Little Shop of Horrors--I can not remember his name right now. He got killed in the Untouchables. At the very least I can say that I was on the same bridge as Cosner-Connery and that other guy. This is almost as cool as meeting Blake Lewis's dad and Jason the non redneck mountain man from Missoula (who has yet to email me as promised.)

This is kinda of an odd bridge in that as you ride across it you find yourself on a fairly steep uphill climb (from left to right) while on the bridge.
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  1. Charles Martin Smith

  2. yeah that's the guy--he was also in that movie about coming of age in the 1950's-60's that had Harrison Ford and a very young Richard Dreyfuss-Ron Howard and Wolfman Jack
    American Grafgiti

    and I rode across the same bridge that he shot a guy, beat a guy with a gun and then had a ssip of illegal whiskey--how good can life get !!!!!!