Friday, June 26, 2009

Great Falls to Fort Benton 3

After not seeing a hint of the Missouri or any other stream for that matter for 40 miles suddenly there is a scenic turnout near Fort Benton and it is spectacular. The Missouri River makes a huge bend and you can see it all from a high bluff . I tried to provide an idea of how this looked by taking the whole scene in 3 pics. Above is what was on the right.

This is the center pic .

This is on the right. Again, I thought this was spectacular.

Also spectacular (at least to me) was this 10 foot tall horseshoe bear on the edge of Fort Benton. I am really getting into this kind of art and just have to have one in my front lawn . I know that if I do the horseshoe pitcher gals in Darke County will think our house is the neatest around, especially Sandi, Pam, Gina, Zita, and Leslie . They will be cruising by a lot easpecially when I have the flood lights on.If I had been clued in about horseshoe art back in the day I would have hauled one around on the back of my pickup truck and been a real chick magnet. Oh baby!! I would have owned Mercer County.
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