Sunday, June 21, 2009

From Wisdom Mt to Butte Mt.

This is a previously posted pic of the weather in Wisdom Saturday(yesterday) looking at the road out of town.. It rained all day and the locals say that this has been a way above average wet spring so far. Combined with the above average snow pack melt there has been plenty of water for all things that need it, the streams and lowlands are full of water and all the plants and animals are thriving. Many have told me that this is as good as Montana looks during the year --all green and growing. When the dry times come most things turn brown/tan and during the winter the land is covered with snow. So as I understand it this is the best time to be here and see all the sights there are to see.

This pic taken this morning about 6:30 from same spot as yesterday. The sun is coming out and it will be a great day to travel.

This is Brenda the owner with husband of the Nez Perce Motel who thought nothing of driving out at night in the rain to pick me up in her truck when I was late arriving on Friday. This is a good lady and anyone visiting even close to The Big Hole Country and Wisdom should stop and stay at the Nez Perce Motel. It is an excellent motel, run by an excellent person.
btw--Brenda had to be forced into getting her pic taken and taking any credit at all for saving my hide from who knows what.

This is a pic taken a few miles outside of Wisdom from a bluff overlooking the road I was traveling. You can see the town in the distance on the upper left.
Btw I was mauled by mosquitoes the entire time I was off the bike for this . They are so thick it was tough to open my mouth without some flying in. I was warned by several folks about the Wisdom area mosquitoes but did not believe they would be so bad at 7 in the morning on a cool day. Ben the ace helicopter pilot and bike man warned me not to stop to pee, poop or take pics or the mosquitoes would get me. Unfortunetely I did all three and got drill every time (literally). Deet just seems to be an invitation for them to stop in for some blood. I was wondering how long it would take this bunch of mosquitoes to completely drain me of all blood if I passed out where they could get to me.
These insects are aggresive and will jump on if bike speed falls below 6-7 mph. Montana is known as Big Sky Country but parts of it are also Big Skeeter Country.

Had a great 80 mile ride from Wisdom to Butte today. I was planning on going to Dillon Mt. which is on the official Lewis and Clark Trail bike route but last nite at the local bar I was talking to Leroy (not real name--he did not want name or photo used in any way) the bartender about the bike trip and the route I was planning on taking. He and several others in the bar talked me into going off planned route and taking a much more scenic route which would get me to Butte at the end of the day.
Actually this is the same route that Jason (not a total redneck) and his wife Regina my camp neighbors in Idaho told me about and asked me not to publish details because he did not want iit over run by sight seers, especially old fat bikers. The reason to travel this route Leroy and freinds gave was that with all the rain the water in the Big Hole River and connecting streams would be high and as pretty as it ever gets in the area.
So I asked myself "what would Merriweather Lewis do in a sinmilar situation ?" and the choice was an easy one.

I must say Jason/Regina , Leroy were right on. This was a wonderful ride and once again I had a hard time making any time because I was always stopping and taking pics and/or just looking at the spectacular landscape.
I took lots of pics and will show several in coming posts. About 90% of the day was super but the last 10% was a bit of an adventure. I will relate details in folowing posts.
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