Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Wisdom to Butte pics

I was riding by a pretty large heard of cows and for the hec of it shouted out "Hey there, any of you remember Larry from Ashtabula?" and the whole bunch started running to the fence from all over the field.
Larry you left an impression and they miss you. One in particular (the one with the bow attached to ear) called out in a sweet cow voice, "Do you know Larry?, How is he? he don't call , he don't write".
This sounds like a bad case of bovine luv if I ever heard it.

Larry and Gary are 2 guys from Ohio who made the same trip I am making a couple of years ago. They kinda inspired me and are what I consider Lewis and Clark on bicycles. Larry is famous for his ability to communicate with cows while riding by on a bike. It is a talent. I guess he did a lot of that while on his trip out here.
Apparently Gary/Larry (aka Lewis and Clark) left their marks along the trail--not only with the cows but I have seen their names written on the walls of several public rest rooms along the way, most had a phone number and a good reason to call them.

This may not seem like much but I could not resist the cool snow fence and the snow covered peaks in the background. Something you do not see that often in Ohio.

An old home stead of logs buildings including a corral and an outhouse. The middle building looks like it had a sod roof at one time.

This was a sort of rest stop along my route today. I thought it interesting that they would paint the women's outhouse pink and the men's blue. This must be for the folks who need to use them but can not read. Actually these were 2 of the very few outhouses I saw in 50 miles and there are not that many people to use them. Some might consider this a little overboard, but the Montana folks do like to cover all bases.
I wish Miss Sassy and I had seen these on our way out at one of those times when you need to use the facilities. It would have been an interesting discussion.
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  1. I'm so glad that you took the time to say "Hello" to my bovine buddies; they are really great listeners. Your stories are wonderful; I'm missing not being on the road.
    Your frame issues were amazing; here's hoping the new bike holds up!
    Real bikers come in lots of different shapes and sizes; you are certainly one of them! Onward!

    Larry A.