Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On top of Lolo Pass

This a pic previously shown of Miss Sassy in snow on top of Lolo as we drove thru a few weeks ago. Note location of left foot.

This is all the snow I could find on Lolo on Sunday. This patch was about 10 feet away from where Sassy was standing in above pic.

This marker was placed very near the spot Miss Sassy's left foot was in top picture. As other travelers pass this location they will see this marker and wonder what happened to cause this to be left here.

Another pic of where it all went down with the snow thing on top of Lolo Pass.

Things look a bit different now compared to the last time we were thru here. About 50 yards away it appears that about 25 trees were logged off recently. That is where I got the piece to make the marker.
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