Sunday, June 14, 2009

This is what I was forced to look at for 80 miles on Friday

Well son of a beach !! This and the bottom pic are supposed to be videos but when I post them they are just pics.It has to be that the equipment is being contrarybut in the event it isn't if anyone out there can clue me in I will appreciate it.

A stream running into the Lochsa which was awesome.

And then directly across from that stream (above) was this waterfall (on the other side of the road)--this is just not fair--how can you expect to make any time at all on the road when all this is happening at every mile?

More routine video that is not playing--I think it is pretty good and maybe if I can figure out how to get it to play you will too.It is one of 100 scenes I could have taken along the way. Like being in a smorgasborg candy store.
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  1. Blogger (in my experience) won't let you upload videos. What I have done is first uploaded the videos to Youtube, then embedded the link to the video in the blog post. If this means nothing to you, give me a call and perhaps I can give you a tutorial...