Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Road pics

It's really neat to be peddling along the road at 10 miles per hour and come across something like this. I just caught this out of the corner of my eye as I was riding by and was 20 yards down the road before I realized this was something worth stopping to take another look. When driving in a car many times it is too much of a hassle to turn around.

This is that brewery in Waitsburg that was closed when I stopped by. I still want to know why there is a caution sign 200 yards before it.

You are looking at a real life angel I met about 10 miles from Pomeroy. About a mile before I had changed a flat tire in the hot sun after 50 miles of riding and was out of water because I missjudged how far I had to go. I was coasting down a small hill and there parked beside the road was a minivan with the back door open and this guy sitting on the bumper. I thought he had trouble and was prepared to see if I could help, but before I could say anything the guy says do you want a bottle of cold water? At first I thought it was a set up of some kind but he said he was parked there because it was near a cell tower and he was waiting on a call he did not want to miss because of the spotty reception in the area. The call came in while we were talking.

He was traveling thru from Billings Mt. and is also a biker. The water was like oxygen and when I told him I had had a flat up the road he looked at my mini air pump mounted on the bike and asked if I wanted to top the tire off . The tires hold 100 pounds of of pressurte and it is tough to get that much in with a mini pump. I had about 80 pounds in. He pulls out a super pump (see photo) and I topped off the tire.

He told me his name but I am sorry to say that I am not sure I remembered it correctly so Jack?? if/when you read this please email me with your name and I will plug it in this post. You are a good man.
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