Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Even more Walla Walla

Spend a lot of time in a great park near the museum and the cemetary. They have a big time set up for model airplanes--regular run way and appraches from hanger area , the whole deal. Apparently this is huge in WW.I got to listen to a bunch of madel airplane chatter from guys playing with their planes, doing acrobatics etc etc. Apparently there is an ongoing debate between the battery powered vs the traditional gas powered. New advances in battery technology has been big with model airplanes but the gas guys bitch because they think the sound of a gas motor is necessary as opposed to silent battery power. Sort of like electric powered cars.

A very interesting exibit involved showing the relative size of the solar system. I have not seen anything like it before. There is a park almost a mile long and there are bright metal balls mounted on posts representing the planets and how far they are from each other and the sun. The last line on the above sign really got my attention.

I am standing close to the "sun" looking out at Mercury, Venus, Earth (third rock from the sun holding up the bike), with Mars in the distance. As you travel down that path you come upon the other planets and they are way out there.
btw--all along this solar system display is a neat frisbee golf course--something for everyone

This is Uranus which is about 4000 feet from the sun. This is very dramatic and effective in providing a different perspective of our solar system. Of course you can see in the distance beyond Uranus a sign designating the real center of the universe.

Walla Walla is a cool city and worth checking out if you arfe ever in the area.
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