Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fort Benton to Havre Mt.

Pic taken with the Bennett bunch early this morning. That is me on the left and Connie, Arthur and Wanda.These are good folks and if you are ever close to that part of Montana the Fort Motel is a must stop.

There is a 2 mile climb out of town. That is FB in the distance.

FB has quite the history. A lot happened there in a relatively short period of time, and a lot ofit was the stuff of legends that get told and retold as time passes.

Last look at FB from the road to Havre.

The 75 mile ride to Havre was a good one today. Wind was not a factor and the road pretty good. It was close to 90 degrees today and I went thru 9 quarts of water along the way. I waited for over an hour for the nearby convenience store to open this morning (finally at 7am)to get ice but when they opened they were out of ice. The next place along the route was 10 miles away . The convenience store in Loma was closed until noon when I got there so it was on to Big Sandy 27 miles further before I finally got some frozen water to keep my drinks cold or least not bathwater warm .
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  1. "That's me on the left" Yep, still no better looking than when you left Ohio....

  2. Pat--you sure got that right

    btw--righty tighty--lefty loosey has several meanings

    also have not found the sheep as friendly out here as the ones all you Mercer County boys claim to know so well back home