Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This is timber and saloon country

I must have ridden by at least 20 different companies making log homes/buildings. Note snow capped mountain in upper right.
There are many other timber related businesses here as well. Fence posts, carvers, mulch etc tetc--about anything you can do with a tree somebody is offering it for sale.

I stopped and talked to George and ordered a 20 foot totem pole featuring the mascots from the Midwest Athletic Conference (the MAC) --for all you readers not from the Mercer/Darke county area you should know that it is the best small school athletic conference in Ohio and possibly the universe. It is "one tough league"
Anyway I gave George the order in which I wanted the mascots to appear on the pole. There will be a big nasty looking Tiger on top . The pecking order for the other 9 mascots is a top secret and you all will have to speculate who is towards the top and who occupies the bottom.
As soon as I get clearance from wife I will pour a concrete base and stand up in our front yard in Darke county.

Interesting use of wood to create a motif for whatever this place is. The bears add a nice touch.

You may not be able to tell from the photo but this is a huge setup.Probably 25-30 feet high just to the crosslog--the tools are beyond that.
I forgot to mention that in every little town I come across there is an inordinate number of drinking establishments. One town about the size of Ansonia had 11 bars or restaurants that advertised Hooch. Logging and drinking must be a big part of the life/culture around here.
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  1. Nine more drinking establishments in Ansonia? How on earth would I be able to make it to work?
    I do hope you will be writing a book like "White Blaze Fever" by Bill Schuette. Thanks for all the updates, makes us feel like we are actually there.

  2. above was posted by KatGel-somehow it says Bill-I'm computer iliterate

  3. Bill/Kat,
    There is no way you are more computer illiterate than me-

    as for a book--I doubt that--this is just me putting my thoughts down as I go--no other reason than to keep my memories straight--it seems that if I don't do that things all run together because there is so much incoming data I have a hard time keeping a time line on stiff
    --that you are reading it and enjoying it (or so you say)is a plus--actually feel flattered about that

    as for being here --I wish everyone could see what I am seeing--it is tremendous

    Thanks for writing