Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Walla Walla to Pomeroy Wa.

This is big time wheat country. It covers the hills and valleys as far as you can see.. This pic does not do the green color justice. Apparently there is enough rain so that irrigation is not needed(more on that later). I read somewhere that 10% of the nations wheat crop is produced in eastern Washington.

Took a lunch break about half way in this barn. Good shade and off the road. Thos would also be a great place to camp out , hope when that time comes I can find one like this one.

I had the feeling that I was not alone in barn and spotted these guys right above me. They were not much for conversation .

This is a friendly place, everyone I have met so far has been helpful, providing info on where to stay and eat. Apparently this is a common stop for bicyclists traveling the L/K Trail. The locals are used to crazy guys on bikes rolling thru.


Rode about 65 miles today and it was another enjoyable day despite riding into a stiff head wind that got stiffer as the day went on. There were also some attention getting hills where you peddle a long time at 4-5 mph and then blast down the other side at 25-30 mph. Also had a FOB-DE (flat on back-driver error) when I was not paying attention to the edge of the road and ran back wheel along a ragged 4" edge that pretty much destroyed tire and tube. Got it fixed and was on my way.
Climbed about 2000 feet in elevation between Walla Walla and Dayton and there is another 3500 feet between Dayton and Lewiston. Right now I am about 35 miles from Lewiston but do not know elevationand, do know there is still some more climbing to do tomorrow.

Besides the excellent scenery ,there were 2 great towns along the way worth spending some time in, Waisburg and Dayton. Easily could have stayed over night at either but have to put a few more miles on or I will not make it to Iowa by mid July. I will cover these towns in following posts.
I asked Chad again about working out a system so more than 4 pics can be shown per post but the solution did not seem worth the effort so I will continue doing multiple posts per day when there are several pics to show.

While climbing up those hills today I started to develope a rather deep anology between child birth and riding up steep hills but want to think thru it more before publishing details. You do get a lot of time to think of odd stuff while peddling along--maybe too much time.
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