Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 3

Pic of an old covered wagon actually sitting on a section of the original Oregon Trail, which also went thru the Columbia River Gorge. Wagon ruts/tracks well over 150 years old are still visible. When you see the "roads" these pioneers had to traverse day in and day out it makes you realize just how physically and mentally tough they were. Many times 4-5 miles a day was a good day.

Some great wall art in The Dalles, this section is only one fourth of the entire painting.

Mike is another lost soul trying to find the meaning of life on a bicycle. Actually he was heading to Bend Or. for a 4 day break from "wife and the real world". This guy would look good on any kind of bike including a Harley.

Saw these 4 wind mills on top of the bluff on the Washington side of the Columbia river and for some reason I immediately thought of that Grantland Rice poem, The Four Horsemen, which was about Notre Dame football. I even remembered the 3 of the 4 names after not having it cross my mind for many years Elmer Leydan, Jim Crowley, Harry Studreher (sp?) and maybe Minor ??? but not sure so I will fill in Joe Kenny as the 4th Horseman. Joe is as big of Notre Dame guy that I know and despite that character flaw he is a great guy.

Easy day today, most of it spent checking out The Dalles.There is a lot going on there and the residents were all interesting to talk to. Actually ran into my bud from yesterday Art Addleman, who pulled up beside me at a traffic light and said "Hello Bob, good to see you again".
Also, met Mike another road bike jockey and we shared mutual frustration with bicycle map makers. It seems like they are on an ego trip when it comes to telling you what route to take, most do not provide many options so it is their way or the highway. It is interesting to venture off the sacred path once in a while.
At motel this morning I talked to several real bikers. They are big time road racers competing in the Hood Mountain races. These guys are hard core , like Lance Armstrong, and none have an ounce of extra body fat--all muscle and sinew. They all looked at my rig smiled and shook their heads like I was nuts. I think my front saddle bag weighs more than their entire bike.

Only rode about 25 miles today. Ended up in Biggs. Tomorrow the plan is to get an early start and make to Umatilla Or. which is about 85 miles away. Have left the scenic part of the Columbia Gorge, no more pine trees and waterfalls, it is starting to look like high desert territory.

Maybe when I get to Umatilla I will figure out how to do the map thing and show the beginning and end points of each days ride.Chad and Austen showed me how before I left but I have just not gotten around to trying it on my own yet.
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