Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Helena to Great Falls 2

The Missouri River twists and turns and winds all over the place thru this rocky area.

I am still interested in the fence building around here. This is one of those styles that uses 2 posts that are notched so they fit together and hold each other up. I have also seen several things like this which I assume holds the 2 posts together in a stronger fashion than regular.

This is a geologist's dream , looking at this countryside. I am scrambling to remember at least some of the stuff I learned inall those college geology classes. Sometimes I can make sense of what happened and other times I do not have a clue.
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  1. I was able to read the Man Gulch Fire sign. That is incredible and terrible. It is hard to get an understanding of the levels of heat and speed of fire. Hopefully I well never get the opportunity.