Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beulah to Bismarck 4

I haqve been missing the great raod art I saw in Montana and this was like a breath of fresh air (from the west). It is something hard to see from the road and more than likely would be missed by a passing car.

More boots--I am fascinated by this. BTW none of these came close to fitting me, I have size 12 EEEE feet and could not even get my foot half way inside one of these --and I really tried.

Somebody must have dumped some fish that were extra along the road and when I came across them I was pretty hungry so I stopped and had my way with them. These are the remains and I was burping up fish for the rest of the day and it was delicious.

When I saw this sign I just had to investigate and you know whoever put this up was correct. You can not blink or you will miss it even if you are on a bike going 8 mph thru "town". Honest to Godfrey those buildings are the entire town.
One thing I have found in this part of the country is that folks call things as they are --no bull shit or candy coating or exaggerting size etc --and the Hensler people are good examples of that.
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