Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ragbrai Chariton to Ottumwa Iowa 2

I was experimenting with taking pics while riding. This ws my first attempt. It was a very hot day.

More interesting shirts.

This real biker guy was the hit of the last little stop of the day. People were loose and he was very multitalented. He could do it all--sang-danced --looked good and drank.

My second attempt at picturing while riding. Again, it was hot on the road and a lot of the scenery was hot as well.

80 mile ride today--moderte hills and wind. About 10 miles out if ottumwa we hit a goose drowner. Wet as hell but it felt good to cool down a bit.

Tonight we are camping in big park in Ottumwa. Sassy wanted to try sleeping in nmy tent so that is thye way it is. I am sleeping inthe van,

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