Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mercer County North Dakota

A good part of my route on Tuesday was thru Mercer County. I would like to say that it reminded me of my home territory in Ohio which also includes a Mercer county but can not in truth do that. Only the name is the same.

This is a church in Hazen , a town I checked out along the way, what I found interesting was the anchor stuck to the cross on the steeple. My first thought when I saw it was that the wind must really blow hard around here for something as heavy as that anchor to get caught way up there as it was blowing through town. After getting beat up by the force of this wind the last 8 days I too am a beliver in its power.

The whole town of Hazen does not look like this but this was interesting, and the scene did touch an Ohio memory in that guy working in the newspaper did look a lot like Gary Rasberry of Celina Daily Standard fame in Celina Ohio (Mercer County).

This was a huge complex and I am not sure of its purpose . As per usual I was to the south of this when I took the pic so the direction of wind is obvious.
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