Monday, July 20, 2009

Stanton Iowa 2

I could write a bunch about every town we ride thru because all are decked out and showing their best side. They want every one to know the heritage etc etc.
I am writing about Stanton because besides being a cool place it is what I have time for. There is so much happening in all thes places and you see so many during the day it is tough to cover it all.
Stanton is big time Swedish and they really show it all. These are local girls who did Swedish dances every 20 minutes and drew a big crowd.
Also, Stanton is the home of the lady who was Mrs. Olson in all those Folgers coffee commercials.

They have 2 water towers in town and both are special. This one is a coffee pot (the Folgers connection).

This one is a suger bowl, presumably for the coffee from the coffee pot water tower. There is more than the water tower in this pic--check out the working wind mill and the wind sock doing their thing.

These are just a few of the many many folks who watch all the bikers go by. These were way out in the country and there were more at every cross roads on the way. Most looked likefarmers and their families enjoying the spectacle.
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  1. Gahhhh!!! How cute!!! Why don't I live here??

  2. I seriously believe that you did live here in another lifetime--maybe you were Mrs. Olson

  3. Love the water towers! What a creative idea!