Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Indianola--what a circus

One the more unique rigs I have seen so far. The guy was beat up because of the head winds yesterday, but he did make the run. Today is another day and hopefully the wind gods will be kinder.

The air above Indianola was full of hot air balloons. It is the site of the National championships. There were too many to get good shots of all of them.

Iowa is big DQ (Dairy Queen) country and here we found "Curley" the DQ mascot wandering around Indianola. Sassy wanted her pic taken with Curley because he(?) is so white she looks kinda dark in comparison. Since I am so dark right now Sassy wanted a better comparison. Btw --that is me on the far right and Sassy on the far left.

Just a glimpse of crowd in Indianola. It was wall to wall for 10-15 blocks. The beer garden alone took up 6 blocks and was getting full and very very very busy. Actually it looked a lot like the beer tent at Versailles Poultry Days on a Saturday night after a hot Saturday afternoon. After today's ride there was some serious partying going on. In addition wednesday's ride is only 45 miles so the constant buzz was "what the hell we can sleep in tomorrow morning ....." It was a hell of an evening.
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  1. This thing looks like it would also be a lot of fun to just come and watch. visiting all the little towns and seeing the party really looks great.

  2. You are correct there sir. Actually after the first day Miss sassy says to me "I have checked some things out for when we come here next year" and I said, "What if I do not want to ride?" and she said" That is ok, I will come by myself, this is really cool".

    It is a hoot and there is a chance I will be back some day in one capacity or another. Although I am not much of a partier it makes one smile/laugh a lot being around other happy people.