Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mt. Pleasant Iowa

This was a great fountain in the great town square, which was packed with people either eating vendor food or listening to a nice band blast out 70-80's songs. What makes the pool interesting is that this pic shows where I had been sitting a few moments beforehand. I sat there and the water felt so cool that I took off my shoes and just soaked my feel and ankles in the fountain. It felt like my body temp decreased about 10 degrees . A few peope looked funny at me but I tried not to make eye contact with many.

We camped out at the Steam Threshers park with probably 5000 other bikers and that is a nice place indeed. Free showers WITH hot water.It was an interesting evening as you could see a cloud bank heading towards town with lots of lightning. We were told to all head to the 2 museum buildings o9n the grounds but nothing much happened.
There was a guy in the next tent to us that must have been and offspring of Paul Revere and Chicken Little because from the minute we got bthere (about 6) until the all clear was given all this guy talked about was how desructive tornados can be and that one was more than likely heading directly towards the camp grounds. He would not shut up and when the storm blew over he seemed disapointed that some hoffific did not occur.
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