Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pierre SD

This was on the way to Pierre and I was wondering if it is just one mail route for a carrier to deliver. It would take most of a carriers vehicle to fill these up so there would not be much room for other customer's stuff.

Pierre South Dakota is the U.S. Capitol that does not have an interstate highway running near it( but it does have a major river running thru it). It was very near here that the Lewis and Clark expidition came within a sneeze of have a free for all with a group of local indians over something. Guns were drawn and bow/arrows cocked before cooler heads prevailed. It was the closest the guys came to being wiped out during their trek. I don't think any of that had anything to do with the founding of Pierre but that it makes for a good story.

The city has a great park that runs along the Missouri River with a lot of space for free camping with showers etc etc. It is a beautiful area.

I had to wonder what goes on in this building and whether there are other such casinoa for folks who can not hear or have lost their sense of taste etc etc.
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