Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Zap Nd.

After one has ridden 40 miles down and a road with repaving in progress into a strong wind and you see a sign for a town called ZAP one has to check it out if for no other reason than to change things up a bit. So I enter ZAP. This is a scene at the edge of town--it is the boot thing again but with a twist -they are nailed upright on the post and these seemed to have lights sticking out of them. Anyway a good North Dakota ranch scene.

This is the main drag of ZAP at about 7 in the afternoon. It has about 250 population and also a unique history. It was named for a coal mining town in Scotland , ZAPP, but more importantly is that ZAP was the scene of the only riot in ND history that had to be quelled by the National Guard. It was 1969 and 3000 people show up for some protest/demonstartion/spring break reason (depending on who you talk to) and when food/water ran out they went crazy. It took the National Guard to cool things down. For one day at least North Dakota was like New York.

Not sure what this building is but I submit it as proof that I really was in a place called ZAP.

This is Larry and Kathy Medchill and dog Bo , they recently retired to ZAP from Corpus Christie Texas and love the tranquility . Very very nice people and I could have talked to them several more hours. Kathy was born in Belefontaine Oh. and her aunt is Vera Mayne of Dayton, the owner of the Dorthy Lane grocery stores. There is a good feeling of peace and quiet in ZAP despite the fact that the riot is the first thing that people still talk about when ZAP comes up in conversation about anywhere in the state.
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