Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mitchell SD

Just when I thought I had seen them all, another pops up to add to Kum N Go, Grab N Go , Whoa N Go etc etc.
"GO" seems to be the operative word with these places as well as "N"

Mitchell is the home of the world famous Corn Palace. This is me in front of the Corn Palace (I am on the bike).

This is the Robertson (or maybe the Robinson ) family from Kendallville Indiana. Mr. Robertson was nice enough to take my pic in front of the Corn Palace. These are some very interesting folks and we could have talked a lot longer than we did. They are on their way to Wyoming to do a trek into the Wind Mountains on horseback. That is some rugged territory. On top of all this they are the first people I have ever met anywhere who knows where Baggs, Dixon, and Savory Wyoming are, which is where I spent some interesting time a long while ago working in the oil patch . Actually Mr. R has been there several times hunting and knows some of the same people I know there. I hope to see them again when they are done roughing it.
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