Monday, July 20, 2009

Ragbrai --Red Oak to Greenfield Iowa

Leaving Red Oak in tyhe morning.

More leaving red oak in morning. It seemed like many many bikers did not have breakfast in Red Oak but chose instead to ride 8 miles to Stanton which had a lot of stuff to eat and it was so packed it was hard to walk your bike thru the crowds.

This guy was walking along the highway 5 miles from any town singing his heart out. After I took this pic I said "thanks brother" and he started a whole speech about how no one had ever called him brother before and was it proper since we were not related. He was still talking as I rode off.

The town of Stanton was first stop of the day and this was at the entrance of town. I really felt sorry for these guys because it seemed like every other biker suddenly became a flag expert and was telling them it was against the law to display a ripped flag etc. You could see the look on the guys faces as they struggled to be nice to the clown experts but they really wanted to put a rip in them just like the flag.
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  1. I cannot help but notice that the guitar playing guy on the side of the road looks like a bearded Peter Kleinhenz.....was it?