Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Madison County Iowa

Yes, this is the same Madison County as in the Bridges of Madison County fame with Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep. Here I am with one of the main bridges featured in the movie. That is me on the bike .

Every Town has a messgae for those visiting but none come close to Versailles's People Pride Progress.

The King took some time out from his busy ride schedule to give me a snarl. He was riding with some other faux famous folks (one in background--maybe Mike Jackson?)) but I could not figure out who they were.

This is the entrance to Indianola and it was wonderful. The streets were lined with locals cheering us bikers on. I kept asking why they were cheering "Am I the last One?" once I got into town I realized they were cheering for us bikers to spend a bunch of $$$ in town.
It was a great 78 mile ride that was really hilly and into a head wind for 3/4 of the day along with rain til 3 p.m. There was a lot of bitchin but I loved every mile. Actually finished the last 20 miles as strongest part of the day. All those mountain passes and head wind days are paying off I am blowing by some real bikers (or at least they are dressed and act like real bikers) at the end of the day.
Sassy and I ate a huge meal served up by a local church for $8 --and all the lemonade you could drink (they lost big money on me and the lemonaid deal). We met a very neat gal named Teresa from San Francisco who does rides like this all over the country. She wants to do the GOBA ride in Ohio in near future. She promised to read blog and email so when she comes to Ohio we can see her again.
Also we met a family from Baltimore where dad and young daughter are biking and mom with rest of family doing the sag wagon thing. What a hoot this bunch was, The also live next door to the line coach of the Baltimore Raves (who is also riding this years Ragbrai) . This is interesting in that my first cousin has a son who is a second year offensive tackle for the Ravens. I want to talk to this coach to find out how Joe Reitz is doing so I can get an idea what my chances are of getting comp tickets in the future.
Today is a short 45 mile ride so we are doing laundry and taking time to get on the road.

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