Thursday, July 9, 2009

Road Gold

I continue to have very mixed emotions about all the cool stuff that I see laying on the roadside. While I am impressed with the variety and quality I am also frustrated that I just can not pick any of it up. There is just no room to carry it, but it is almost a sin to leave it there on the ground.

What I have done is use my GPS to record the exact latitude/longitude positions of these treasures (Fred Gerlach will be proud of me) and using a secure email system I relay them to Charles Keihl a Versailles person who thinks exactly as I do. Charlie in turn sends this info to a world wide network of like brained people who make the pickups. If I can not have this stuff then I make sure it has a good home with somebody who apprciates it and treats it as it deserves--road gold treasure.

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