Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ragbrai Indianola to Chariton 3

There is a pond near the road along the route and many bikers got wet. What you can not see is the large crowd watching what was happening here. These folks were having fun in the truest definition of the word.

This is another one of those pics where you can see the road in the distance. Here it is on the upper left, and there are bikers visible up there. Although the scenery has been good the whole trip today's section of Iowa was exceptional. Lots of hills and many shades of green.

This is the view from the top of that previousn pic. You can see the road stretching out behind these riders.

As you ride alone you hear almost a constant string of chatter from other riders that you are passing by or getting passed by. It is varied and a lot like flipping thru the channels of a 100 station cable deal with a very fast remote control. Afterall this is 10,000 folks who all have different things going on in their lives and it is natural to converse about them. It would be interesting to have a recorder running to capture some of the good stuff.

Some of the few things I can recall as I write this:

"Well if you are not having fun, you just need to lower your standards"

"Oh yeah, I can just hear myself calling my mom and saying, hey mom I just bent my titanium rod".
"Because this is an el nino year we can expect clear weather the rest of this ride and that southern california will be hit with a series of hurricanes"

"So this 40 something cougar rides by me and says , my boyfriend is about your age but I left him at home because he does not ride a bike very well"

"So I told the mayor, bring it on, this town can take it"

"Well , I didn't know that they were lesbians AND related"

"we need to find another sag driver--ours was so drunk yesterday he set my tent up inside out"

and my favorite of the day after a well endowed very healthy gal wearing custom fitting spandex rode by a group of ogling fellows

"I would pay good money just to watch her ride across some rumble strips"
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  1. Oh sure, no pictures of the "Rumble Strip" gal. Let me guess, you were too busy taking pictures of guys in the cornfield...

  2. Look winger , you know as well as I do that there are some things that are just too dangerous to go public with and any pic of of the lady I saqw would fit that catagory.

    Publishing something like that might even affect national security