Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fort Thompson to Chamberlain 3

This is one of those deals where the camera just can not capture the grandeur of all this. This was a time when those $5.00 binoculars really were worth the $$.

Although the message does come across I could not help but think how whoever created this sign could have used some help from Kathy Grieshop or Phil from the Tigereye Design printing dept to better plan and lay out the wording. This kind of work would never pass muster at TD, they are professionals.

This is Chamberlain SD. There are 2 bridges across the Missouri here, one for local and the other for Interstate 90.
Chamberlain is a town of 2500 and reminds me a lot of Versailles , if Versailles's downtown area were 5 blocks longer, and had a McDonalds, a large Indian reservation bordering it and the Missouri River runing next to it.

While in Chamberlain yesterdy I went to Steve's barber shop to get my hair cut because it has been getting pretty wooley and I want to look sharp for this weekend when I will see my Miss Sassy and start the Ragbrai.
Actually I had wanted my regular baber Matt from Versailles cut my hair but he would not come to Bismarck ND to do the job when I called him last week. I was disapointed when he said he could not make it, I guess business must be pretty good in Versailles and he does not need to keep old customers happy. Actually I had Matt cut my hair the day before I left on this trip and asked him for a 3 month cut and thought that is what he gave me but it has only been 6 weeks and I needed a trim real bad. Now I consider Matt to be the top barber within 50 miles of Versailles (except for that guy in Chickasaw who only cuts blond hair and that gal in Sharpsburg who offers full service barbering by appointment only) but I will be discussing a refund with Matt when I get back to town.

I have ridden by some barber shops when passing thru the Indian reservations but was hesitant to stop in. The last one I saw gave me a chill --the sign said Chief Wahoo's Hair and Scalp Treatment Emporium and right below it said "white men 50% off" .
I thought to myself ,"if you are gonna get scalped by an Indian then you need to go to Matt who is a Fort Recovery Indian".

Steve's barbersop is pretty cool, probably what Matt's will look like in 25-30 years. There was a sign hanging on the wall the intrigued me that REGULAR HAIRCUTS $8.00 , ONCE A YEAR HAIRCUTS $16.00--when I asked what it meant , Steve says that there are several area folks who only get their hair cut once a year and it is like working in a patch of over grown weeds , so he has to charge more.
There were about 5 guys waiting when I arrived and I got a real education on what rodeo bronc riding does for a man after he has done it awhile. This did not make me want to run out and jump on the first bronco I saw.

Feeling good this morning. Ready to hit the road towards Council Bluffs. There is a 15 mile per hour wind from the west and i am pumped to have it caress my back as it gently(but firmly) pushes me towards my rendezvous with Miss Sassy and 10,000 real bikers.
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