Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ragbrai Ottumwa to Mt. Pleasant

The first stop of the day was a town named Hedrick and as all the other towns they went all out. This a small portion of the large area the bikers took up.

Three of the cutest sales people in all of Iowa representing Hedrick--Kaylee-Whitney-Nicole. In addition to their getting bikers to stop in town they were collecting various stickers from teams.

The reason this is interesting is that it wss the center of an argument between 2 riders who had obviously been over served at the beer garden. One called it Cave Street the other C Ave and it was getting pretty serious when I left it. As I rode away I came across D Ave and thought to myself , these 2 will never make it out of town.

I can not remember which town this was in but it was a mass mess as per usual.

The ride from Ottumwa to Mt. Pleasant was about 80 miles and there went pretty well. The usual hills and head winds but a good feeling when done.
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