Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bismarck Museum

Lot of goodies on display here from fossils to settlers lives to modern times, about anything you ever wanted to know about North Dakota. A person could wander around in there dor days.

The folks who settled ND were tough sob's having to deal with a ton of issues that most other Americans would have nothing to do with. Basically these people were survivors stubborn enough to outlast and work through the hardships they faced. This display really brought that home.
It reminded me of a book I read when working in Wyoming which detailed the lives of the women who settled the prairie regions. It was brutal for them living in sod huts with dirt falling on them all the time, not a lot of water to clean with, very few neighbors, lots of hard work, some danger from Indians and wild animals among other things. Part of the book I read was interviews with women who had gone insane under those conditions and di dhorrible things. Several murdered their families and tried to commit suicide. When reading these interviews I distinctly remember a pretty commom theme in their stories. It involved the unceasing wind. It was mentioned many times as the thing that tipped these women over the edge.

This is Greg Anderson who I met while wandering around Bismarck looking for a way out. Greg gave me a great tip on a route to Mobridge which I will follow tomorrow. He is a biker among other physical activities and I think he was just trying to make me feel good when he said he was 60 also.

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