Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bismarck Wrestling 3

This was the family that sat next to me during the wrestling matches. They kept the bartender very busy and everytime loud music would play right after a wrestler was announced and he slowly walked to the ringthis bunch would get up and dance like hell. I felt like I was at my wedding reception watching Miss Sassy's sister and brothers celebrate, which they have done at every inlaw get together since. It was deja vue and surreal.

They also reminded me of people from New Bremen celebrating after beating Minster at anything.

This profile of THE HONK tells the whole story. There is nothing more to say except he punished DIRTY DAN HANSON before putting his signature shake rattle and roll move on DDH and it was all over 3 seconds later.

This is me and my new best friend Chuck Foreman former all pro running back for the Minnesota Vikings(I am on the right). When we first shook hands (btw-he has very small hands) he said "Hey big man you look familiar , did you play with the bears?". and I said "Hey dude don't do me like that, I beat that rap in Montana last year--so I was a little drunk and went to a bear cave, they were sound asleep hibernating and never knew anything happened--I had no clue there are laws against that type of activity".
and then Chuck says " Chill out bro I was talking about the Chicago Bears, were you on the team" and then I say "Nah, but I do get that a lot".
When I said I had not played with the Bears Chuck asked me if who I had played with and I told him that I was a member of the 1966 Versailles Tigers squad. Chuck says, "Damn man, who hasn't heard of that team, people say it was the best high school team ever , what was it like playing for both John Lantz and Al Hetrick?" I told him that we took Hetrick under our wing and basically showed him the ropes until he got his feet under him.. Chuck then asked about some of the players on that team, like what was Tim Weaver really like, and did Jim Groff really intercept 36 passes in 20 games, how good was Mike Knapke, and was Denny Mumaw as tough as they say? I patiently answered all the questions and before we parted ways I asked him if he could get me a deal on one of those personal grills that are advertised on TV all the time. Chuck said he would see what he could do and get back to me asap.

Now that the ice was broken we had a long discussion on a variety of topics including Brett's deal, the passing of Jacko, the many attributes of Michelle O., that mysterious malady killing off all the bees in America, and how T.O. will do in Buffalo.

We exchanged business cards and promised to stay in touch. It was a good ending to a super magical evening.
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