Monday, July 27, 2009

Burlington Iowa to Peoria Illinoise 2

Finally some road art. I have been missing this sort of thing since Montana. It is so great when you come up on something like this on a back road.

This was a great surprise during a very long stretch of hot road. Taryn Strob is the owner and just opened up about 3 months ago. She specializes in selling spices and is looking to start an online store.
She also sells a few refreshment things and I got the deal of the trip when she gave me a half a box of fruit juice pops which are my favorite. Apparently someone left a door open and they melted and were not presentable for sale when refrozen. Oh boy oh boy

btw--that is me sitting in a very comfortable rocking chair enjoying the shade.

Once I got to Peoria I immediately went to the minor league ballpark downtown but it was closed (which i will address in next post). This is a huge mural next to ballpark and here I am enjoying the quality of the art. The horse was so real I thought it would lick my hand.
That is me holding my hand for horse to lick.

Ok so I rode 110 miles yesterday busting my butt to get to Peoria to see at least part of the Peoria Chiefs game. All day long I was working on the premise that the game started at 7 p.m. and I got there about 8 figuring I would catch the last 4-5 innings.

Well, when I got there nothing was happening and I learned that the game had actually been at 2 p.m. I had misread the schedule. Son of a bitch.

The best I could do was get a pic of me at the park. Sometimes it is problematical finding someone to snap a pic for you. You have to grab whatever is available, even if it is in the middle of downtown Peoria about dark. The pickeins were slim.
This pic taker was ok because I figured I could run him down if he took off with my camera.
He did ok with the mural shot but something happened with this one.
This is me in front of the locked gates--I am in the foreground wearing black shorts.
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