Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bismarck ND to Pollock SD 3

My shadow.

Another state.

Friday was the start of the annual Dairy Days celebration. It is a happening town of 370 people .

This is Pollock at sunset. The town is very interesting in that it was completely relocated so that a lake could be formed where it had been. Right now there is water everywhere around the town on 3 sides (lake and river)and the highway 1804 runs along a sort of causeway into town. The water level of the lake and bay around town is about 30 feet higher than it was last year at this time. Actually this area of water in pic has been dry enough for last 10 years to be a pheasant hunting area, so we are seeing something unusual.
There is much more to tell about my visit to Pollock but this dang computer had developed a case of the slows and I need to get on the road. There is a whole story to tell about the Gerhardt family, Ron, Joyce and Tom who basically kidnapped me on the highway and forced me to stay in a spare house (by myself)in Pollock for free, and they cooked for me. It was brutal but I survived and very much look forward to reliving that experience the next time I get withing 200 miles of this part of SD and/or Bismarck ND.
I kinda felt like a stray cat when Jason and Regina and Dayne took me in while camping in Idaho. Well now I feel like like that fat cat Garfield and it ain't so bad--I can live comfortable being treated like this--I am over that mental hump of self consciousness in that area.
Much more on the Gerhardt's when I get to Pierre which is a 90 mile ride away right now. Right now I am in Selby SD which is about 40 miles short of what I planned yesterdy but I just got too late of start from Pollock because of I had to absorb more kindness from the Gerhardt's .
I must be off (literally).
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