Thursday, July 30, 2009

Peru Circus Museum

One of the big treats of this trip occured today on the way out 0f Peru when I visited the Circus Museum. This is a big deal and I could still be there talking to these folks. This is a must return place on growing list .
The place has many many circus items from all over United States on display and the history behind them.
I really enjoyed talkingb to the workers around there who all seemed to have story after story about the history of the place.
It was chosen as a wintering place for circuses by a giy named Wallace starting in the 11800's because there were about 10 railroad lines running through Peru so it was esy to put a show together and get it on the road to about any part of the USA. There are still the large barns built to house the animals as well as the blacksmith shed where all the wagons were built etc.
One of the stories that really got to me was about the big flood of 1913 that covered the area and how they had to turn the hooved animals loose in the country side and how all the other animals drowned including the elephants who would not do anything w/o their individual handlers who had to be boated out. It was so sad but so interesting. The place almost went out of business and several circuses ruined when that happened.
Again, I could have and should have stayed all day.

That is my bike helmet .

This is me (in the yellow shirt) in front of the wagon that hauled Moto around. I do not know who or what Moto was but he/she/it must have been something --486 pounds of pure jungle fury.

This is me and David one of the guys who keeps the museum working and interesting and does all the computer work. Although he wasn't I am saying(with his permission) that he was a combination lion tamer/ring master/trapeze artist/fire eater who has retired from all that and now lives a sedate life with all his memories, and that very cool hat.
(I am the one on the right)
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