Monday, July 20, 2009

Ragbrai Council Bluffs to Red Oak Iowa--4

Heading into Red Oak from the open road. There was a steady stream of bicycles on this highway and another stream of support vehicles on another route heading into town.

Grat courthouse in Red Oak.

This town, like a lot of these Iowa towns has an old fashioned town square which is actually a block square park in the middle of town. This was beautiful with a neat fountain and lots of benches and shade.

Across from the town square was an office that caught my eye. This law office has been in that same spot since 1867, also you can see the the town square with the reflection in the window.


Thwe whole town was taken over by bikers, most of them camping in tents. Somebody estimated there were between 7-8000 tents set up anywhere there was a spot of grass.Miss Sassy found a great spot to park the van in a field next to a church. It was a camping area that said "no alchoholic beverages" so it got quiet about 11 pm. We slept in the van and were on the road by 7:30 in the morning.
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  1. Hi Tony,

    Mitch from Versailles, Jacob's dad. The head mechanic/owner of Gus's told me about your trip, and I just breezed the highlights and I have to say "WOW!" I thought I was the big bike rider in Versailles (I just rode from Terre Haute, IN to Richmond, In (160 miles) on Saturday) and that doesn't even come relatively close to what your doing. It looks and sounds like you are having a ball. You'll make the three months. Pedal hard!

  2. Good to hear from you Mitch and happy to hear you made the ride across Indiana --that is some serious riding if you have a head wind because it all has to be done in a day.
    Yes, I am having a ball and it gets better everyday.
    Talk to your when I get back to Darke County